Transforming the Mortgage Industry with Mike Tassone

This week, we chat with Mike Tassone, the Co-Founder of OwnUp. 3 out of 4 of us do not shop for a mortgage, and OwnUp solves that problem by helping homebuyers find the best possible mortgage for their needs. Learn how Mike and his business partners Patrick and Brent took a cumbersome, confusing process and built a company that removes inefficiencies and creates transparency for homebuyers.

Three fun facts about Mike:

  1. Started Own Up in 2016 with two co-founders…Patrick Boyaggi & Brent Shields. This year we’re on pace to help consumers access over $2.5B in home loans through our platform, saving them millions of dollars in interest.
  2. Played the cello for over 15+ years. Less so now, but getting back into it a bit as my kids get older and more interested in music
  3. Live in Charlestown w/ wife and 2 kids.

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