Revolutionizing Chocolate Milk with Manny Lubin

Manny Lubin saw a gap in the marketplace. An opportunity to create a beverage that balances nostalgia and functionality – and founded Slate Milk. It’s a lactose-free, high protein, low sugar, and healthier version of your favorite drink as a kid—chocolate milk. Manny discusses how Slate grew through Kickstarter and shares his experience as a guest on Shark Tank alongside his Co-Founder, Josh. His story shows the trials and tribulations of starting a new company, and you won’t want to miss it!

Three facts about Manny:

  1. I was a high school athlete – played football and baseball – and still love sports.
  2. I became lactose intolerant in 8th grade
  3. I legitimately LOVE chocolate milk – that’s why I started Slate!

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