Finding Inner Freedom with Arjan Erkel

Arjan ErkelArjan Erkel’s story of finding inner freedom and taking ownership of his life manifests in a way that none of us could ever imagine for ourselves. In 2002, he was violently kidnapped by gun-toting rebels and held hostage for 607 days in Dagestan, Russia. Arjan shares his journey in great detail, from the moment he was kidnapped to what life after the 607 days looked like. He utilized the strongest force possible to get through and overcome this experience: his mind. Arjan is now a writer and motivational speaker inspiring others to find their own inner freedom. He’s the Co-Founder of Free a Girl, a foundation that frees young girls from sex trafficking. Though he was a victim of kidnapping, Arjan isn’t letting this incident define him. Listen and learn how the power of your mind will influence your future.