Defining Your Money Script with Shaun Maslyk

Shaun MaslykShaun Maslyk hosts a podcast called The Most Hated F-Word. And of course, that F-Word is… finances! Many of us have a love/hate relationship with money. Shaun joins us to discuss this paradox and share his expertise on financial wellness from a psychological perspective. He introduces the concept of your money script: Your hard-wired beliefs that influence how you think, feel, and act around money. You’ll learn how to identify your money script so you can achieve financial independence and avoid placing too much self-worth towards money. Bonus topic: Shaun shares tips on how you can talk to your kids about money towards the end of the episode.

Check out some of the resources Shaun mentions in this episode:

– Caron Matthews sharing her money story and the song on The Most Hated F-Word:

– Shaun’s podcast link:

– Dr. Brad Klontz’s research on money scripts and his free money script assessment:

– A book that Shaun would recommend based on this conversation: Money Mammoth by Dr. Brad Klontz

– Shaun’s website: