Creating the Baseball Bat Mug with AJ Wnukowski

AJ WnukowskiAJ Wnukowski is the Co-Founder of Lumberlend and mastermind behind the baseball bat mug – which is exactly how it sounds. A baseball bat barrel cut in half, hollowed out, and turned into a personalized mug with a name or favorite picture engraved. The idea sprouted from a dinnertime conversation, and through several prototypes and strategic partnerships, it became a massive hit for Father’s Day and groomsmen gifts. AJ tells the ultimate story of grit, passion, and turning big ideas into reality.

Three fun facts about AJ:

  1. I enjoy working a lot because it lets me find out what I am capable of.
  2. Most of the employees at Lumberlend I have had a relationship with before Lumberlend.
  3. I drop the ball a fair bit but put most of my emphasis on constantly trying.

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