A Commoditized Market with Seth Rosen

Seth RosenSeth Rosen is the Co-Founder of CustomMade, the world’s largest online custom jeweler. It’s a simple business strategy to make people happy, with a complex process behind the scenes. Seth shares his journey of buying the CustomMade.com website, selling it, and repurchasing it with a different idea in mind. His story will get you hooked, and his lessons learned make this episode a must-listen for any business leader.

We asked Seth to share three fun facts about himself. Here’s what he said:

  1. Jewelry, Gems, and Gemology are not just my business life, but also a major passion of mine. In addition to my day job at CustomMade.com, my wife and I are longtime gem collectors and own The Ganoksin Project (the world’s largest website for bench jewelers and jewelry manufacturers) and the International Gem Society (the world’s largest gemology education website).
  2. I love art, and am a longtime collector. A very cool fellow named Samuel Robbins once told me something when giving me advice about building my fine art collection. He said, “Practice the three Ps — Patience, Persistence, and Prudence” I’ve used those wise words to guide me in all of my business endeavors, and I’ve since added the fourth and perhaps most important P. PEOPLE! Great people and great teams make good ideas into durable businesses.
  3. The biggest thing I’m working on right now is staying focused on the things I’ve proven work well for me. As my brother Jonathan Rosen often says, business and life are all about trying on hats. You have to figure out what you are uniquely equipped to be great at, and what style works best for you. And you figure that out by trying out a bunch of approaches and leaning into the good stuff!

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